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A Foundation That Supports Dreams of Dignified Delivery at Quality Private Birthing Facilities for Women from the Poorer Communities

LifeSpring Foundation is a Trust promoted by Eminent Personalities who came together to support and fulfil the dreams of poor pregnant women to have a dignified delivery at quality birthing facility. LifeSpring Foundation uses the donations it receives to sponsor births of the women who dream of having a dignified delivery at a quality private birth facility - an alternative to the public birthing facilities. While some women are able to pay only partially for their delivery, there are others who are even unable to make part payment for their delivery. LifeSpring Foundation sponsors both categories of women, thus saving them and their babies from morbidity.

LifeSpring Foundation has so far supported the aspirations of 180 women to deliver with dignity. Click here for some case studies. LifeSpring Foundation's process ensures that the women selected for sponsorship come from the disadvantaged background.

To enable the dreams of dignified birth coming true, LifeSpring Foundation supports the following:

LifeSpring Foundation works entirely through volunteer efforts and incurs no administrative costs - 100% donations are used for supporting deliveries by women from the poorer communities.

LifeSpring Foundation has received 80G permission - Your donations to LifeSpring Foundation are tax exempt. Click here and Donate generously to sponsor births by the women who dream of a dignified delivery.